Make Your Own Frame Loom

Notes on building your frame loom.

You will need 2.5 metres of 42mm x 19mm plantation pine, dressed.  Its available at most Hardware stores.  They often have a cutting service, so get it cut to:

2 x 50cm lengths

2 x 75cm lengths

8 x 30mm counter sunk wood screws

A drill and 2mm drill bit and a screw driver to fit your screws.

On your work table lay out the wood so that the two short pieces lay on top of the two long pieces to make a rectangle (refer to the video).  Predrill the holes in each corner, maybe one each corner first and then screw together and then drill the next 4 holes and add the final screws.  Two screws in each corner is important, as you don’t want the frame to “rack” and distort, it needs to be stable.

That’s it!  To weave with this frame upright, 2 clamps are required, which is in the next lecture on tools to have on hand.

Just give this a light sand.  You may wish to varnish it, but I wouldn’t recommend oiling it as the oils could be released onto the warp and staining it, as the warp can be on the loom for quite a period of time.

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