I am a collector, a Bowerbird.

These objects inspire and inform my

practice and create a space where

inspiration can flow.

Collection of found natural objects
Heather Dunn textile artist

Hi, I’m Heather Dunn

I make art, I collect art, I collect anything that catches my eye, I'm a Bowerbird.

I am a textile artist that works across a range of media. Woven Tapestry is where I feel most grounded. I invite you to join me in my studio, to learn the foundation techniques of Woven Tapestry as I know them, to create unique beautiful, texturally rich works of art.

Subsequent courses will build on these foundational skills to give you the techniques to explore this medium, develop your own style, break a few rules along the way, and connect into the continuum of weavers that span thousands of years and generations of artisans.

What to Expect

I will be weaving with you along the way. Learn how to use bobbins, or butterflies, wind your warp, choose yarns, hitch on and weave. Single technique videos will help you when referring back to content when required. Problem solving segments will help you to correct issues as you learn, and I'm available via the comments to answer any questions you might have.